One of the India’s major spiritual destinations, Varanasi keeps an important place in tourist books. This is the only city in India, which is called by three names, Varanasi, Banaras and Kashi and is also considered the holiest of seven sacred Hindu cities. Tour to Varanasi will take you to and ancient city, established on the banks of holy river Ganga. Here traces of settlement dates back to 1200 BC. It is also believed by the Hindus that this is the only city which will survive the Judgement day

River, Ganga is the center of any tour to Varanasi. As you walk around the ghats (banks of Ganga), you will notice people taking bath in the Ganga river as they believe that the water will wash away all their sins. Along with this Hindu community strongly believe that if a person dies in Varanasi, his/her soul is liberated from the cycle of rebirth. This destination provides peace to mind and soul.

Airports: A domestic airport which is well connected from other cities of INDIA. There is a direct flight for Nepal also.

Railway Station: 2 major railway stations that connects this city from rest of the India.

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Nadesar Palace The Gateway hotel Ganges Radisson Meraden Grand
Rivatas by Ideal Welcome heritage Jukaso Ganges Palace on Ganges
Area Population Local Languages
3131 Sq Kms 1.2 Million Hindi and Urdu


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