Ranthambore is one of the largest national parks in northern India and one of the popular destination for Tiger tours. It was the private hunting ground of the royalties of Jaipur state before the independence. In 1955, it was declared as a sanctuary to provide conservation to its inhabitants and later it was declared as project tiger reserve. With a flourishing population of tigers here, Ranthambore is now an important destination for tiger tours in India.

The park covers and an approximate area of 395 sq km. Ranthambore national park is known for its excellent tiger sightings due to the dry and deciduous forest which provides unrestricted views till far. As of now there are more than 60 tigers in the park and the population is increasing which is a good sign for wildlife enthusiast. Other than Tigers, Leopards, Hyena’s and sloth bears are also the inhabitant of this park. A tour to ranthambore national park is not only about wildlife. It also provide an opportunity to get a peek into the local culture of Rajasthan.

On the border of the park gates, stands a majestic 10th century fort which also can be visited. Only remains of this hill fort are available now but it provides magnificent views of the national park from the top. Ranthambore National Park is very well connected from major cities like Delhi, Jaipur Agra etc. Which is why, it is easily accessible and can be comfortably adjusted in various india tour programs. Tourist can drive or take train from Delhi which is the capital of India. All in all, tiger tours in india is incomplete without a tour to ranthambore nationl park.

Tour To Ranthambore National Park


Airports: Nearest airport is Jaipur, which is around 150 Kms from the Park

Railway Station: One Railway station which is connected from major cities of northern India

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Sherbagh Tiger Den Ranthambore regency
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395 Sq Kms 1980 Rajasthan


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