Situated in the southern tip of India, this small city is the gateway to India form many centuries. It is also the second largest city of the south Indian state Kerala. Often called as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, the city was an important spice trading center during the colonial time. Kochi was colonized by Portuguese first, followed by the Dutch and then finally by the Britishers till the independence. Due to its natural all weather port it is one of the most busiest port of India with an estimated arrival of 1100 ships per year.

As a tourist destination, Kochi has lot to offer – stunning backwaters, clam beaches, magnificent old churches, museums, and other historical sites. The vibrant culture which is quite evident in the daily living of the lcals here, further enhances its tourism potential. The traditional art forms, the Ayurveda (ancient treatment procedure) are still very much in practice here . The popularity of this city can be stated with the fact that it has been constantly ranked in top 10 tourist destinations of India.


Airports: 1 airport with different terminals for domestic and international flights. The city is well connected from the Middle East Asia and south-east Asia through air route.

Railway station: 2 major railway station that connects this city from rest of the India.

Luxury Deluxe Standard
Brunton Boatyard Eighth Bastion Old Harbour
Vivanta by Taj Malabar Malabar House Tea Bungalow
Area Population Local Languages
94.88 Sq Kms 2.1 Million Malayalam and English


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