The National capital of India, Delhi, experience the most number of international arrivals. Its a bustling metropolitan whose quick pace and jostling differences ensures a high level of astonishment, regardless of how frequently you’ve been here. With a population of over 15 million individuals its the largest metro city of India.

Situated in the northern part of India this city has been the capital of various kingdoms and empires. Established on the banks of River Yamuna, the city carries a long and interesting history with it. The present Delhi is the amalgamation of various culture and religions. What is more surprising is the mere fact that even after so many transitions, there is still the essence of these cultures. The rich cultural heritage is clearly evident in the daily lifestyle of people here. Despite being a modern city it also boast some of the finest monuments belonging to different dynasties. At the first site it looks very chaotic, but as you settling down you will find it more and more interesting.


Airports: An international and a domestic which connect the city form the world and from the places with in INDIA.

Railway Station: Four major railway stations that connects this city from rest of the India.

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The Imperial The Claridges The Hans Premier park
Leela Chankyapuri Taj Mansingh Hotel Jivitesh Colonel’s retreat
Area Population Local Languages
1484 Sq Kms 22 Million Hindi


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    India, known for its highest population of Tigers, is the land to lead you to the Tiger Trails. Across the country, government operates 47 Tiger Reserves as an initiative to protect this wonderful animal.

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