Situated in the south of India, Chennai is another gateway and one of the metro cities in India. The approximate population is around 8.5 million. It is located on the Bay of Bengal and is the biggest Industrial and commercial center in South India. Till 1996, the city was called as Madras. It’s the third largest city and also a major economic and cultural center of the country. It is also referred as the “Detroit of India” because of its automobile industry

The city boasts some beautiful carved temples, magnificent beaches and glorious historical monuments which is why its a quite popular destination among tourists. Being a coastal city the weather doesn’t have extreme variation and it normally has tropical wet and dry climate. Due to fairly developed infrastructure the city is easily accessible from any part of the country. The presence of a major international airport makes it a gateway to India, for the tourist from all over the world.


Airports: One airport with different terminals for domestic and international flights.

Railway Station: Two major railway stations that connects this city from rest of the India.

5 Star Deluxe 5 Star 4 Star 3 Star
The Leela Palace Chennai Taj Cormondol Grt Grand, Chennai Radha Reagent
ITC Grand Chola Rain Tree hotel Green Park, Chennai Quality Inn, Sabari
Area Population Local Languages
426 Sq Kms 8.5 Million Tamil and English


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