Situated in the south Indian state Kerala lays a town called as Alleppey which is known for its extensive backwaters. The town is also called as Alappuzha which means” the land between the sea and network of rivers flowing into it” in the local language. No doubt that the name is derived from its geographical location. Alleppey is considered to be the oldest planned town in this region. Water boats are still the most often used mode of transportation as the whole town is situated on the Kerala backwaters. The town is linked through various big and small canals from one part to another. Due to this it is often referred as the “Venice of the east”.

There is no other place in India, having such beauty and geographical conditions. To experience the beauty of this town, one must spend a night on the houseboat. These are traditional houseboats with thatched roofs but are equipped with all the modern amenities. In the earlier times, these boats are used for transporting stuff from one place to another. The houseboat takes you on a journey on the Kerala backwaters through various canals and lakes. The peace and tranquility of this town provides some unforgettable moments in the journey. Hence at Indus Explorers we always say that It’s a must visit place for anyone travelling in South of India.

Airports: Kochi is the nearest airport which is around 70 Kms from this town.

Railway Station: One small railway station that connects this city from rest of the India.

We recommend to stay at the houseboats as these are the best way to explore the backwater. You can opt for luxury, deluxe or standard houseboats as per your requirement. Please note that 24 Hrs air conditioning is available in deluxe and luxury houseboats only. On standard houseboat air conditioning will be available from 9 PM-6 AM

Area Population Local Languages
1414 Sq Kms .17 Million Malyalam and English


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