Sometimes package tours are not enough to satisfy the wanderlust of certain travelers. They have the urge to explore destinations that are beyond the cut and dried itineraries available. Any travel to India can be an overwhelming experience. That is why, at Indus Explores, we try to understand your preferences and urges to bring you the ultimate travel experience in the country.

In an endeavor to help travelers get the best of their journey, we have come up with tailor made tours to India, a segment that helps you customize your holiday according to your preferences. In this segment you can handpick the destinations that appeal to you. Our travel experts can then help you put together an itinerary that can best accommodate all your chosen destinations. Tailor made holidays in India are ideal for travelers looking to really explore a destination. Our experts have years of travel experience and in-depth knowledge on the different places to visit in India, and will help you design an itinerary that is best suited to your tastes and urges. All you need to do is pick out the destinations that you would want to include in your travel to India. We will be more than happy to guide you in the process of shortlisting the destinations based on your preferences and interests. Once the destinations have been shortlisted, our experts will chalk out the best suited itinerary for your tour.

How to Proceed?

Unlike package tours, tailor made holidays in Indiarequire a more detailed and professional approach. We have provided details on over 40 destinations that you can choose from in our website. You can go through the descriptions and shortlist those that fit your expectations from your India tour.

After our team has received your list, we will work out a routing and itinerary that best showcases your chosen destinations. We will help you choose the ones that are most appropriate and in keeping with your expectations from your tour. We, at Indus Explorers, believe in providing you with the most customized tours to India so that you can experience this diverse and beautiful country to the fullest.

Whether you are looking for cultural tours, or destinations replete with historical significance, we can help you find the perfect places. From wildlife destinations to adventure and leisure spots, we have everything your heart desires. If you want the perfect tailor made tours to India, then we are the name to trust.

The whole idea is to make it Interesting, Interactive and Precise.


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