Having years of experience in travel and tourism, our experts have dotted down some very special tours to India, which are mentioned in this section. Here we offer some fine holiday packages which covers some of the most popular places of India. These tours are the perfect introduction to India and hence we specially recommend these to those who are planning their first holidays to India. When you have so many options, it gets really tough to select the best one for you. Hence, we make it convenient for you to pick the right tour. These tours are designed while keeping in mind, the comfort and the preferences of our travelers coming for their much awaited Holidays. We invite you to explore our most popular tours to India and get an insight into the history, culture and beauty of India.


Unarguably the most popular tour of India. It’s short, comfortable and interesting. All the three destinations are the highlight of this trips and equally different from each other.

Situated on the Malabar Coast, Kerala is a southern state of India. Green hills, widespread backwaters, free flowing rivers and calm beaches make Kerala one of the most scenic portraits by the God.

 Situated in the southern most corner of India, Tamil Nadu is famous for its Temples. It is home to some of the finest Hindu temples of India.

A mountain range which is now a UNESCO world heritage site, runs parallel to the western cost of India and hence named as western ghats.

The Palace on Wheels is one of the most distinctive and luxurious experience to explore India. It is not mere a train but an identity in its own as it’s been serving many tourists

This itinerary has been designed especially for those who wanted to explore the culturally rich state of Rajasthan. The highlight of this trip is the desert, forts and interaction with the local tribe.

Travelling through an off the beaten track, this tour focuses on the important sites and temples through the central India.

India is known across the globe for its unique identity and detailed history attached which is still visible in today’s cultures throughout the country.

The itinerary includes some of the best tourist destination of north and south India. The journey takes you through the rich cultural heritage of north India and calm.

Explore some new destination of the God's own country. Covering some highlights of Northern Kerala, the itinerary proves that there is much more than meet the eye