No doubt, accommodation is one of the main ingredients of a travel experience. The experience of accommodation directly reflects on the overall experience of the trip. Hence finalising hotels, takes the maximum time while planning a trip.  The reason is the availability of ample options and similar online reviews of the many hotels, which keep baffling the minds of traveller. There are various categories of hotel but the most general categories are economy, deluxe and luxury. Then there comes, hostels, home stays, apartments, heritage buildings turned into hotels, camps etc.  But there are some hotels which are a destination in itself.  Confused? Yeah destination hotels..Means travellers can add these hotels in their tour itinerary as a destination as they offer amazing locations, personalised services and interesting outdoor activities which you won’t find anywhere else. There are very few such hotels in India and but they are worth visiting. Here are seven best destination hotels of India.

 1) Ananda in Himalayas, Narendra Nagar


The finest of all spa hotels in India, Ananda is nothing less than a gem in th Himlayas. Situated close to the word capital of yoga-Rishikesh, the hotel is very much influenced by the city. It was the residence of the former king of Tehri garhwal which is now turned into a luxurious spa resort. There are 70 spacious rooms in the resort with beautiful views and for those who can shell out extra money, there are some magnificent suites also which add to the privacy and the charm in your stay.

The traditional Indian wellness routine of ayurveda and yoga combined with modern spa therapies and wellness procedures rejuvenate the body mind and soul. The resort offers an extensive menu of more than 80 spa treatments. All these treatments are defined within a set of days (3, 7, 14 and 21) and guest can take it as per the time and budget they have. Such an elaborate spa menu makes it one of the best spa resorts on the world. Not to mention that one can also stay at the resort without taking any spa package.

So when you have all this, then why not pamper yourself with, luxury, nature and with some spa treatment.

2) The Serai, Jaiselmer


From the mountains of Himalaya we move to the Thar Desert where our nest hotel on the list lies. The Serai is an absolute amalgamation of Luxury and culture. Surrounded by the magnificent sand dunes, this tented accommodation showcase the luxury, of which royalties of Rajasthan state were used to off.

This luxury desert camp is spread across hundred acre of desert scrub and has 21 Tents at offerings, divided in different category. Need to mention the Royal Suite which comes with a spectacular private pool, lounging and spa tent. The resort boasts a magnificent pool which reminds you about the traditional step wells. Dining here is an experience in itself as you can opt for any site in the resort for a memorable dinner. However dinner in the sand dunes under the star is the most popular here.

All in all, if you are looking for a honeymoon trip or a romantic trip with your partner, this is just the place, where you want to be.

3) Carnoustie Ayurveda and wellness resort, Mararikullam


From long time, beaches are a popular attraction for travellers. The Sun, Sea and Sand provide a perfect spot for some leisure time with your loved ones or with yourself. Our next hotel is also situated on one of the pristine beaches of South India. Carnoustie resort is the hideaway which complements the holiday mood through its artistically designed luxurious Villas, abundant greens and a pristine beach. If these are not enough to impress you, then check out the Ayurveda , and spa therapies. Those who are not aware of ayurveda, it’s an ancient Hindu system of medicines for healing inner and outer body parts.

Located in Gods own country – Kerala, this Luxury Ayurveda resort has 64 artistically designed villas which are named as Akund Villa, Mallika Pool Villa, Zukra Pool Villa, Semanta Pool Villa and Punag Pool Villa, categorized from base to the highest. The best thing is that all villas come with private pool though the pool size increases as you go on to the higher categories.
Being a Luxury Ayurveda resort, doesn’t mean that one has to compromise on the food and taste. Check out the menu card and you will find a wide range of sumptuous delicacies from across the globe. But our favourite is the seafood restaurant which serves some great fish recipes.

4) Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar


We all like ancient forts. Be it their mammoth size, their extravagant art décor or the marvellous engineering, they always amaze us. But have you ever wondered how it feels like staying in such magnificent forts. Come to Ahilya fort in the heart of India and experience it by yourself. Though not many forts are in condition where one can spend a night but not the Ahilya fort. The fort dating back to 18th century built by Ahilya Bai Holkar, has been transformed into a pretty boutique hotel. Rising above the sacred River Narmada, the resort is located in a small but friendly town of Maheshwar in central Indian state, Madahya pradesh.
The unique location of the resort makes it something special, overlooking the river Narmada.  Narmada is considered scared here and pilgrims are frequent on these banks of river. The hotel boasts 13 rooms and since it’s a fort, all of them are different. The rooms design has the impression of local culture and heritage prevailing here. Other than this there is one magnificent tent also and probably has the best location in the fort complex.
The hotel is one of the best places for celebrating Hindu festivals (particularly Holi) as special events are organised during festivals. Staying at the hotel during some festival can definitely enhance the experience.

5)  Chhatra Sagar, Nimaj


Though it’s basically a tented camp, but where it is pitched, makes it one of the most interesting hotels of India. Chhatrasagar is nestled in a tiny hamlet of Rajasthan called as Nimaj

The tented camp pitched on top of a dam and overlooking a lake packed with migratory birds is a tranquillity heaven. The dam was built by Thakur Chhatra singh, a royalty of this region, in the late nineteenth century to deal with the scarcity of the water. The dam changed the dry and rugged land into a lush green oasis and generated the possibilities of farming on it. The dam was named after its creator.

Today the camp Chhatra Sagar is recreated by the great grandsons of Thakur Chhatra singh to provide a magnificent experience to the travellers. Each Tent offers a view of the lake and is pitched at a distance to offer ample privacy. There are 11 similar tents pitched on the dam and 2 on the nearby hill, for those who are looking for a bit more privacy. Camp offers an insight o to rural Rajasthan with their jeep safari tours where they take you to their farmland and nearby villages. The camp is an interesting place for bird watchers as the lake is the home of various species of birds. The sundowners organised by the camp for their guest is a highlight of the stay.

6)  360 Leti


Remoteness and luxury hardly has a relation. But 360 Leti is an exception as you will not find a more exotic boutique resort in such a far flung area of mighty Himalaya’s.

As the name suggest, the boutique resort offer 360 degree view of surrounding Himalayam ranges. The resort has only four private cottages which are structured out of wood, stones, and glass and showcases a perfect mix of modern and traditional designs. As there are four cottages which means you abundance of private time amid nature. The warms beds, fluffy duvets, fine blankets and a cosy fireplace ensure a good night sleep. The food here is mouth watering and the in-house chef and his team is well aware of the local as well continental delicacies. They are always ready to satisfy your taste buds. A collection of fine wines add on to this high altitude dining. Relaxing by the chair and enjoying the divine views of Himalaya is the most favoured activity here but you can also opt for the fishing and hiking too.
The resort is perfect getaway for all the nature lovers, however reaching there is task. 6 hrs drive from the nearest railways station and one hour walk in the hills, will take you o this master piece.  But there is a solution if you have some additional days as then you can break the journey at Almora.
Imagine watching a sunrise within the Snowclad Mountains and that too from your bed…

7)  Vyithri Resort, Waynad


Imagine yourself on a tree house, around 50-60 ft above the ground, among thousands of trees in the dense rain forest. For some it’s quite adventurous and for some its bit frightening. But if we say a luxury tree house in a forest resort, I am sure very one would like to experience it. Thanks to Vyithri resort in Waynad who is offering such an experience to its guest. If the idea of staying on a tree doesn’t fascinates you then you can opt for the pool villas that comes with private sunken pool overlooking the forest. All in all it’s a resort of its kind providing luxury in one of the most remote areas of India.
Though rooms are divided in five categories but we will recommend Tree house (5) and Pool villas (6) to travellers as they add charm to your stay. The 150 Acre property is a destination in itself. Apart from sitting in your balcony while overlooking the rainforest and enjoying your favourite book with a cup of hot tea, the hotel has many other activities i.e trek in the rain forest, Tribal village visits, boat rides. The resort also arranges morning yoga and meditation sessions.
If you are a nature lover and wanted to have some time with Mother Nature then this is the place for you.

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