Do you crave for destinations that are out of the way and not known to many? Does your heart beat to an uncommon rhythm? Then the offbeat tours to India are exactly what you are looking for. These kinds of tours take you to destinations that are relatively lesser known in the world of travel. They are unique and interesting and often largely unexplored. Some of the offbeat Indian destinationsthat you can choose include the North-Eastern states, Leh, Odisha, and so much more.


Explore the hidden gems of the country, and cover some of the finest destinations yet to become overrun by tourists. Delve into the finest cultural, natural, and historical sites, and experience the unexpected at every turn. Whether you want the rush of adventure, or discover the beauty of nature, offbeat tours to India are the best way to fulfill your wanderlust. Relax your frazzled nerves in the lap of nature far away from the rush of tourists, or go on an expedition to catch a glimpse of riverine dolphins. Walk through unknown trails or go on the search of an undiscovered fort, whatever experience your heart desires, our travel experts will help you find the perfect destination for you. Customize your offbeat tours at the best prices today, and plan a trip to someplace where you won’t have to face the undesirable crush of tourists. If you want to enjoy impeccable views in some hidden valley, or explore half-forgotten settlements oozing with historical anecdotes, then write to us today with your requirements. Our travel experts will chalk out an itinerary that will be a treat for travel enthusiasts.


Quench your nomadic thirst by becoming the first to witness the virgin beauty of these offbeat destinations, untouched by the hands of mass tourism. Contact us today, or book tours online.


Leh is one of the most popular region tourist regions of India. The beautiful place has some of the best landscapes of the world. It’s a high altitude area and known for its cultural heritage and vibrant natural beauty.

Almost 60 percent of the Indian population lives in the villages and what else cloud be better a place than villages to experience the Indian culture.

Experience the enriching journey of Himalaya in our one of the north India tour. Visit the spiritual center of Sikhism, Buddhism & Hinduism at Amritsar, Dharamshala & Rishikesh

Indeed India is the land of diverse nature. Though there are many tourist destinations which are known to in the travel world but north east part of its, is still unexplored. The region is known for its rich culture...

Lying on the eastern coast, the state of Odisha is fortunate to have the mesmerising sea line at Bay of Bengal as well as the beautiful cities of Puri and Bubaneshwar.

The home to diverse cultures and extending heritage, Gujarat is an upcoming and important destination for the tourism in India.

Travelling through an off the beaten track, this tour focuses on the important sites and temples through the central India.

Explore some new destination of the God's own country. Covering some highlights of Northern Kerala, the itinerary proves that there is much more than meet the eye

With the vast and diverse wildlife available in India, it is a travellers paradise as they get the opportunity to witness the most popular and rare species across the globe in one country.

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