India, the most populous democracy in the world, is divided among 29 states and 7 union territories. Like any other country, India too has metropolitan cities – the most developed cities, which are also the route to international airports and we have classified these cities as the entry point or Gateway cities to India.

We have listed below the cities which are generally suggested for entering India as they boast some world class International airports which connect India with the World. These cities are usually the starting & ending point of any trip to India and hence, the listed cities gives you the perfect idea of how and where to start or end your trip. In addition to this, these cities are also well connected with other parts of the countries through domestic flights, trains and road, which makes it convenient to travel across the country.

These cities doesn’t act as the entry points or a transit destination only, but they also provide ample opportunities to travelers, to explore. In the lifespan of many centuries and having gone through several rulers, these cities showcases the rich cultural heritage of India. And with the modern times they became the building block in making and developing of a new India. Explore these gateway cities with Indus explorers tours.