For several years, India has been long considered as a travel destination backed byenriching culture and vibrant lifestyle that is second to none. Millions of travelers from various parts of the world throng this South Eastern country to experience a perfect blend of spirituality and nature and this is what makes this country special in various aspects. Though India itself is an epitome of sanctity and cultural bliss, there are various must-see things that can’t go without grabbing your attention during your visit to India. Let’s have a look at the places that can get you an incredible India experience

Experience The Royal Life in Rajasthan

From the majestic state capital, Jaipur to the city of lakes, Udaipur, the Blue city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan is lot more than just a desert. The state boast some of the most magnificent fortresses, havelis, temples and the palaces that even today exhibit the grandeur of Maharajas (Kings) who ruled the region centuries ago. Stay in opulent palace turned hotels, take the royal rides on elephants & camels, and explore the traditional markets of precious gems and handicrafts. Other than these, the rich heritage and culture of this desert city, makes it one of the most traveled destination in India .

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Fall in Love with Taj Mahal

When you talk about Indian tourism, the first image that comes to your mind is of a beautifully carved grand white marble garden tomb, known as Taj Mahal. An epitome of love, Taj mahal was built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaj. Hence it is also considered as the greatest symbol of immortal love. Millions of tourists from various corners of the world come to see Taj, the eighth wonder (considered as) of the world. Made by using the white marble, it was constructed in several years and today it stood undeterred as a messenger of love. A two hour rail journey and 5 hr motor way from Delhi can take you to this incredible monument. A must visit tourist attraction that would be hard to miss!

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Get Acquainted with the jungle kingdom


India tourism is not only about natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Apart from this the country is also known for its diverse flaura and fauna. There are more than 70 national parks, 400 wildlife sanctuaries, and 17 biosphere reserves which provide safe shelters to big mammals, birds and reptiles. Big cats are on the top of the popularity chart but in the recent years there has been a significant increase in the bird watchers. These jungles are also home to some of the endangered species and also the last home of some on earth. One thing for sure, you can never get such rich experience in any other part of the world.

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Relax by The Serene Beaches of Goa

When in India, avoiding Goa is not less than a crime. Be it South Goa or North Goa, the coastal region has a lot to offer for travelers. Once ruled by portugese, the region boast some beautiful old churches and heritage structures that are second to none. But what every traveler admire about Goa are the pristine beaches, amazing night life and mouth watering sea food. Few days in Goa, can get anyone rejuvenated. In the recent times the popularity of this beach city has scaled to new heights and hence some may call it bit crowded or touristy. However, Goa is not the only place for pristine beaches. Some other Indian places known for fabulous beaches are Kerala, Andamans, and Orissa.

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Treat Your Body, Mind and Soul with Yoga


Known as the birthplace of Yoga, India has been considered as one of the most sought after places for yoga and meditation learning. Yoga is considered as the art of controlling body, mind and soul. From long, it’s been an integral part of Indian lifestyle because of its tremendous healing and rejuvenating powers. There are myriads of ashrams and yoga centers all across the country, where you can learn the power of Yoga, but Rishikesh & Haridwar tops the list . try this ancient healing technique and see by yourself, the benefits of it. It might enhance your travelling experience.

Experience the Devotion with Magnificent Temples


Whether you believe in god’s existence or not, you won’t be able to ignore the spiritual aroma of Indian temples. Hindus are in majority in India and they are very much devoted towards their religion. Worshiping gods, is the part of daily life here. Travel in any direction and you will find temples in abundance here which tells about the faith they have in their religion. Indian temples are not just the place of devotion or prayers, but they are also the finest examples of ancient Indian architecture. These temples showcaase the fine knowledge of designing and engieneering, our ancestors have. Some of the leading temples are Akshardham in Delhi & Ahmedabad, Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Shore temples of Mahabalipuram and Sun temple of Konark. Visiting these temples are also the best way of getting an insight to the Indian culture.

Offer Prayers to Living Goddess- River Ganges


The majestic holy river Ganges is the lifeline of India. It’s not just a river, it’s a living goddess and hence the most sacred river for Hindu community all over the world. The importance of Ganges in Hindu’s life can be evaluated by their belief that taking a dip here washes all their sins. From the unreachable treks of Himalayas to the plains of Sunderbans, Ganges leaves its vibrant footprints in a remarkable way that further become the source of life for millions of humans living alongside. Due to its spiritual significance many towns, which are the center of some of the biggest spiritual gatherings, are established alongside its banks. Be it Haridwar, Gangotri, Allahabad, Varanasi or Ganga Sagar, the divine element for India’s 1 billion hindus gives an outstanding view of the northern parts of the country like nothing else.

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Learn peace and Harmony Through Buddhism


In today’s fast-paced life, people don’t have time talk, forget about walking on the path of peace. But there is a community who explains how to live peacefully, even when the conditions are not in your favour. To see what does it mean, head towards the himalayan regions and see how Buddhists people follow the path of peace and love. In India, Buddhists community sprawls across the country, from the high-altitude Ladakh region to the hills in Himachal Pradesh, and remotely Arunachal Pradesh. However, things common at these places are, tranquil surroundings, friendly people and stumptous Tibetan food joints.

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Find the Ideal Brew in North Eastern India


Find out the real source of hot cup of tea. Plan a trip to India’s North Eastern state. Here you will find acres of tea plantations that spread out like a big green carpet on the Himalayan mountains. Spare some time to talk to workers there and see how elated they will be after seeing you taking a personalized approach towards them. If Tea doesn’t fascinate you much, I am sure the natural surroundings and mesmerizing views will. Relax in your hotel, enjoy the view and have a hot cup of hot tea.

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Get Enchanted in Kashmir


Though it always remains in News due to unscrupulous activities, it is certainly the most serene state that has no match at all. The place is considered as the paradise on earth by many poets. Though it remains politically disturbed for most of the months but in times of peace, millions of tourists throng the valley and experience its untamed beauty. From magnificent deodar trees to the spectacular Dal Lake, there is plethora of attractions that make your visit to Kashmir truly worthy.

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Indulge into the magic of Ajanta and Ellora

The magnificent presentation of rock-cut cave temples at Ajanta and Ellora are sure to leave you mesmerized and you can experience the rich glory of the religious charm of India. Made by Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain stone-workers, these temples depict their own magnanimity in a spectacular way. These were constructed during the 5th to 10th century with specialized murals that are known to be of age around 2nd century BC. A must visit destination for every traveler!

Groove on the Bollywood Tunes


If you love Hindi films, you must be aware that Mumbai is the epicentre of Bollywood and almost all the super stars have their homes on this Island city. Watching your beloved star on real life is not less than a miracle for an avid fan. Good news, in Mumbai you can get the opportunity to see live shooting of movies, and your favorite daily soaps. Who knows, you might come across some of your favorite super star. If you are not very much in to the showbiz world, Mumbai still has a lot to offer from its rich heritage and colourful night life. Also Mumbai act as the gateway (for international travelers) to India as it is well connected form all parts of India.

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Last but not the least, get an experienced guide. helps you to visit India in the best possible way. A team of professional Indian destination experts always have the answers of all your queries and make sure that you will get the best customized tour experience in India. You can write us or call us in case if you have any queries regarding India tour.

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