At times, bright sunshine can be annoying and summer is one such time. Though the technology has helped us to beat the heat but when it comes to nature there is no alternate of her. Therefore as summer approaches, tourists flock to the hills to get rid of the scorching heat. For a country like India, where temperature reaches to almost 50 degrees (at some places) and the summer season last for 3-4 months, its quite obvious that Hill stations are the most sought after destinations.And thanks to it’s geographical condition, there are more than 100 hill stations, scattered in all parts of India. But When you have so many options than making a selection is always a confounding task. As India is a big country and travelling from one point to another can be time consuming as well expensive too, we have come up with some of the best hill stations in its all direction. I hope after going through this article you might be able to make up your mind to an extent.

Starting from east and there is no doubt that Darjeeling is the best and most popular in this region. A small and peaceful town, located at an altitude of 6700 ft. Lush green tea gardens, snow-clad mountain peaks and beautiful monasteries, best describe this town. Sitting in your balcony overlooking the majestic Himalayas and reading a book while sipping a cup of Darjeeling tea, is really a soothing experience. And if reading is not your cup of tea than go out and explore the tea gardens, monasteries, museums in the town. Do not forget to take a joy ride on the toy train which takes you on picturesque journey of this hill town.

Moving on to the west which is considered to be the hottest region in India, due to its dry geographical condition. Fortunately there too, we have a beautiful hill station nestled in the Aravali range which is also known as the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Located at an altitude of 4000 ft it’s a popular retreat in this region. The hill station is home to many temples and some of them are worth visiting i.e Adhar devi temple, Dattatreye temple and Dilwara temples. Other than this the place also boasts a beautiful lake and a 14th century fort too which adds to the sightseeing part. However one thing which shouldn’t be missed, when visiting Mount Abu, is the sunset point. Probably its one the best places for watching sunset.

In the south weather is much humble. But humidity needs to be taken care of, during summers. So the western and eastern ghats (mountain ranges) are the places to be during summers. Ooty is one such place which was a popular summer retreat for Britishers, during their rule. It’s a part of Niligilri Biosphere which is the first of India. Hills covered with tea and coffee plantation, pleasant water bodies and tall eucalyptus trees marks the landscaping of this town. Exploring the town on foot is good way to enjoy the beauty. But for the most scenic view, try the toy train ride.

When looking at the north of India, so many fine hill stations comes to your mind that selecting the best from them is really a tough task. Some of the most beautiful hill stations of India exist in this region and it is not hard to guess “why” as the world’s longest range, Himalaya passes through this region. But still, Shimla takes the pole position because of its magnificent beauty and sound infrastructure. Also called as the queen of hills, Shimla once was the summer capital of British Government. It is situated at an altitude of 7235 ft. Pine and Oak forests, snow covered mountains, whispering valleys and green fields makes it the most beautiful creations of the nature and All kinds of accommodation options and Easy access from all part of India adds to its popularity among the tourists

As summer is approaching make the best of your summer holidays. Visit these hilly retreats during the summer and enjoy their heavenly beauty, charm and appeal. Get a break, make time for yourself and get acquainted with the cooler side of mother nature.

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