There is no doubt that India is the most culturally diverse nation in the world. With a population of over 1 billion people belonging to almost all faiths, is the key to its cultural diversity. It’s the birth place of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Home to the oldest and richest civilization – Indus Valley, India showcases the depth and diversity of diffrent cultures. The majority of the population follows Hinduism. The diverse culture is clearly evident in its languages, clothing, food and daily living of people. Local traditions are still followed with the same enthusiasm in the society. There are 22 regional languages along with Hindi which is the official language of the country. Its sometimes difficult to understand that even after so much cultural diveristy, India is still united. Mutual harmony and respect for diffrent cultures is the key to the unity. In this modern era of technology, Indian people are still very much attached to their cultural beliefs and this is something which has preserved the cultural heritage of this nation.

As you travel across the country, you will experience the essence of heritage and cultures at every cornor – in our forts & palaces, temples and monuments, in our sumptuous cuisine, in vibrant festivals, this all will take you by surprise., bring to you some carefully chosen cultural tour packages, which specifically focus on the unique heritage and culturally rich India. The tours selected under this section area specially designed to showcase the unique culture and heritage of these regions. All tours cover different regions and has a different cultural aspect. Witnessing and understanding about all these cultures, is a very fine experience. Check our cultural tours to India, and get a real insight about the diversity of this magnificent nation through our heritage and cultural tours