Indusexplorers.com is a dedicated travel website which caters to travelers across the globe willing to visit India. It’s not just a travel portal but a holistic travel guide, a one point stop for all travel related information,regarding Tours to India. With our social media presence, we constantly interact with the travelers and also allow them to share their own personal travel experiences, photos, memories.

So how it started? A group of close friends, all die hard travel enthusiast, decided to start a travel company with an objective to provide all travel related services in the most professional and credible manner. The idea was born in a Cafe and was carried further by the core group of four dreamers, from different industries – Travel and Hospitality, Mass Communication and IT. Challenges crop up; hurdles crept in; some critical moments came in but the passion for travelling and the motive of providing a platform where dynamic travelers can get the answers of all their queries related to India travel, brought us together. Also we would want to be more interactive then any of our rivals and hence our social media platforms, performs these task quite well. We are known for the finest customised or tailormade tours to india and with a team of highy experinced travel experts, we are maintaining that standard. We still have a long way to go to achieve our goals but we have an honest intentions, dedication and a deep passion for travel.


Our objectives are based on our practical experiences and some industry exposure also. The objectives are universal and set up keeping in mind our goals and changing scenario of the dynamic Travel industry:


◙ Here at IndusExplorers we believe in providing the best value for money travel experiences, to our clients.


◙ Money is not everything for us. We believe in providing credible & reliable travel information and thus creating a trust factor with our audience.


◙ We are not just about general and routine travel. We always practice to create and share beautiful travel ideas depending on travelers prefrence.


◙ Apart from making money for our selves, we are also helping the local communities by directly employing them and elimanting any middle man or agency, so they get the maximum benefits of their services.


◙ We also provide social media platforms where users can share their travel experiences, photos, videos, recommendations, comments, information’s, etc, which helps us in making a more interactive travel company