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France, a major western European country has shaped the world’s history, culture, fashion, art and cuisine down the ages. One of the most visited countries in the world, it has an evocative mix of beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritages coupled with one of the most sophisticated art, music, cuisine and fashion scene. It has endured plenty of war, including the two devastating World Wars and yet, has managed to preserve and promote its culture. Once a key imperial power in the 17th to mid-20th century, France is now a highly developed, economically prosperous and politically stable countries in the world.

France has a diverse geography as well that makes it one of the most scenic countries in the world. It has lofty, snow covered mountains of the Alps in the west, stunning French Riviera area in the Southwest and fertile countryside that is ideal for cultivating and producing fine wines and cheese. Its historic towns, villages and communes have managed to keep the charm intact while its cuisine has redefined the art of fine dining in the world and boast of renowned Michelin stared restaurants and caf├ęs. Paris, the capital of France, also known as the “city of love”, draws millions of visitors to its star-studded attractions like the iconic Eiffel Tower. France’s museums and art galleries are full of some of the best artworks of the humankind.

Paris, the eternal city of France is the most popular destination in the country, renowned for its iconic symbol, Eiffel Tower. It also has plenty of amazing attractions like the Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and The Louvre, one of the richest museums in the world. Nice is a beautiful city located in the French Riviera and renowned for its seafront promenades, fashion boutiques, wonderful art museums. Marseilles, located in the southern part of France,hasa historic old port, grand palaces, churches and cathedrals and wonderful art museums. Cannes is another glamorous city of the French Riviera, renowned for its film festivals and large number of luxury travellers and global celebrities. Bordeaux is the famed capital of the wine producing region of France, while the city of Lyon has elegant Gothic architecture, Roman amphitheatre and museums.

The distance between India to France (flights) is around 7,364 kilometres and average flight duration is around 8 hours and 20 minutes depending on flight routes, stopovers and airlines. Air France is the official national airlines of France and has direct and stopover flights to Paris and other France cities from major Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. Air India, the official airline of India also has direct connection to Paris from Delhi and Mumbai. There are several other international airlines as well with direct and stopover flights to Paris like Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, KLM, British Airways, Turkish Airlines, etc.

France is a member country of the Schengen Agreement and accepts Schengen Visa that allows a stay for three months. A valid passport with validity of at least three months is required along with duly signed and filled form. Hotel reservation details, original bank statements, latest passport size photographs, proof of medical insurance and visa processing fees of 4800 INR plus service charges are also required. It takes around 15-20 days excluding the weekends and national holidays to process the visa.

France is a beautiful country with different regions, each has its own charm and destinations. The ideal France holiday packages should have 7-8 days to cover the cities of Paris, Nice, Cannes and Marseilles. However, for a complete experience the country, 15-18 days are perfect for admiring the country and its delightful highlights.


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