Indus, is the river that flows through western Tibet and northern India. The earliest known Indian civilization developed on the bank of this river and it’s no coincidence that the name India was derived from this mighty river. India is known for its diversity. It’s the birth place of four religions i.e Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Other than these, followers of Judaism, Zoroastrianism and Christianity are also inhabited in this country. All these are enough to understand the cultural diversity of this country. Talking about the geography, one can find all kind of geographical conditions here, from snow-clad mountains to deep seas, from beaches to backwaters, from rainforest to deserts, name it and you will find it here.
It’s a one place destination, providing all kind of package holidays, whether it is leisure, culture & heritage, Wildlife, spiritual, or the celebrations such as Honeymoon, weddings and many more.

At Indus Explorers, it’s our endeavour to provide best possible suggestions and prices to our client, pertaining to their particular interest. # Our experts are avid traveller and they keep updating themselves with the new information regarding Indian destinations. That is the reason we are able to help our clients in a simple but professional manner, in planning their vacation to this magnificent country – “The Land of Experiences”.

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