India is the country of diversity. Whether it is cultural or geographical, it is visible everywhere. Because of its diverse geography, it’s ranked 10th among flora and fauna rich countries of the world. It is estimated that 24% of its land area is covered by the forest. As per the national language (hindi) the term for forest is Jungle. No wonder, Rudyard Kipling got inspiration for his famous book “Jungle book” from here only.

Like every other developing country, the forests in India possess a great threat from the Human encroachment. Hence to preserve these natural assets, 89 National parks, 18 Bio reserves and more than 400 wildlife sanctuaries has been established. These jungles and parks are home to many speices of animals. Some of the main attractions of its wilderness are Royal Bengal tigers, Asiatic Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Rhinos, Bears, etc. These wildlife paradise are also home to some of the endangered species such as Snow leopard, Blackbucks, Indian wild dogs, Golden Langur and many more. It’s really great to see wildlife flourishing in their natural surroundings.

However only government effrts won’t be enough to preserve these natural assets. It is very important to make people aware about preserving these. Wildlife tours to India provide an opprtunity to people, to have an close interaction with nature and its valuable inhabitants. This segment, is all about some of the best wildlife tour packages in India. Though, tiger safari tours are more popular, but there is a steady increase in the birding enthusiasts as well. For such travellers we have created some great bird wathcing tours, as well. You can book wildlife tour packagess online or you can customize them as per your preference. There are many destination for wildlife tours in india and most of the destination information is provided on our website. You can check these and select wildlife destinations as per your prefrence or routing. But still, if you have any querries, feel free to write us.



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India, known for its highest population of Tigers, is the land to lead you to the Tiger Trails. Across the country, government operates 47 Tiger Reserves as an initiative to protect this wonderful animal.

As we turn the pages of history and go into the olden golden days, India has been popular for two things – the mesmerising Taj Mahal and the magnanimous Tigers. Both have been special to India.

With the vast and diverse wildlife available in India, it is a travellers paradise as they get the opportunity to witness the most popular and rare species across the globe in one country.

India is known for its diverse cultures, unique landscapes as well as abundance in Wildlife. It is a well known fact that India has the largest number of Tigers population while it is the only place.

Welcome to the oldest national park of India established in the year 1936. Located in the Himalayan state Uttrakhand, the park got his name from

India is the home to more than 1300 species of birds excluding the migratory birds. Out of these around 40 species are endangered and around 25 are rarely spotted

Gujarat is a western state of India, which is yet not explored much by tourist but has tremendous potential. Thanks to the abundant tourist destinations and developing infrastructure

Though, the southern part of India is known for its culture and heritage but it is also rich in flaura and fauna. There are national parks, bird sanctuaries and bio reserves too.