There is no doubt that India is the most culturally diverse nation in the world with a population, which has people belonging to almost all faith present in the world. We, at Indus Explorers, bring to you some carefully chosen heritage and cultural tours which specifically focus on the unique heritage and culturally rich India. India is the birth place of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Home to the oldest and richest civilization – Indus Valley Civilization, India showcases the depth and diversity of our cultures. The majority of the population follows Hinduism. The diverse culture is clearly evident in its languages, clothing, food and daily living of people. Most of the regional ethics like customs, traditions, costumes, languages and food is still visible and expressed with same enthusiasm in the society. There are 22 regional languages along with Hindi which is the official language of the country.Its sometimes difficult to understand that even after so many different religions practicing different ethics, India is still united. The fact is that there is a harmony in cultural diversity and people do respect each other religion. In this modern era of technology, Indian people are still very much attached to their cultural beliefs and this is something which has preserved the cultural heritage of this nation.

As you travel across the country, you will experience the essence of heritage and cultures at every cornor – in our forts & palaces, temples and monuments, in our sumptuous cuisine, in vibrant festivals, this all will take you by surprise. The cultural tours selected under this section area specially designed to showcase the unique culture and heritage of these regions. All tours cover different region and has a different cultural aspect to extend. Witnessing and understanding about all these cultures, is a very fine experience. Travel with Indus Explorers, and get a real insight about the diversity of this magnificent nation through our heritage and cultural tours


A trip to India, taking you to the historic temples, Mughal marvels and forts and palaces of Rajasthan. Experience the rich cultural India with our signature north India tour.

Experience the enriching journey of Himalaya in our one of the north India tour. Visit the spiritual center of Sikhism, Buddhism & Hinduism at Amritsar, Dharamshala & Rishikesh

Showcasing the beautiful garden tombs including the Taj Mahal, ancient temples, pristine lakes, Magnificent forts and palaces, the tour gives an insight to the rich cultural diversity of India.

Magnificent monuments, serene surroundings and rich culture are the ingredients of a South India tour. Probably the best way of experiencing the diversity prevailing in southern part of India .

The home to diverse cultures and extending heritage, Gujarat is an upcoming and important destination for the tourism in India.

Karnataka, a state popular for a number of UNESCO world heritage sites as well as the ruins of some of the most beautifully crafted temples and prosperous cities, telling the tales of rich cultural heritage of India.

Lying on the eastern coast, the state of Odisha is fortunate to have the mesmerising sea line at Bay of Bengal as well as the beautiful cities of Puri and Bubaneshwar.

With its breathtaking landscapes, grand mountains and serene lakes as well as flowers blossoming in the magical gardens, surely Kashmir is the paradise on earth. If you are a nature lover, Kashmir is the perfect destination for your trip to India.

Ladakh is one destination which has always been on the bucket list of travelers who regularly explore India. A Laddakh trip is the highlights of the north India tour packages and also a treat for any explorer.

The North East is a tranquil blessing and offers solitude in the Himalayas with rainforests, lush green tea plantations and vast mountains as spectacle.

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